For most of my life, this has been the view I’ve lived with every day. Nice, innit? Die längste Zeit meines Lebens war das meine Aussicht. Schön, oder?


Well, what can I say…? It’s a sunset 😉 Let’s use it to lure spring, the sun and warmth back into our lives!

Polar Lights over Germany #2

I told you befor that I suspected I had actually caught some polar lights on my lucky train picture. About two days after it, and this one, were taken, I checked the forums again. People now had posted pictures with a similar pink glow and said it was faint polar lights. As they were taken…

Conquering Fear

When you’re doing something you love, it fuels you. It motivates you and it will challenge you to grow. Whenever we follow our heart / destiny / calling / whatever the right word might be for you, we will at some point have to grow, get out of our comfort zones, in order to get…