Sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 Entschuldigung, ich konnte nicht widerstehen 😉

Good Excuses

This Challenge is a wonderful excuse to smuggle in some more Hydrangeas! Mea culpa 😉 Diese Challenge ist doch eine super Entschuldigung, noch ein paar Hortensien reinzuschmuggeln 😉

Hydrangea – again and again

Okay, I definitely love them. You get it. Did you see that Hydrangea 3 is still your N° 1? So I’m guessing you don’t get too sick of them. One again, here she is. I’m in love with this picture myself! Sorry, but that’s the truth 😀 Okay, es ist amtlich: ich liebe Hortensien! Ihr…

Hydrangea 5

Yeah, I know you already know this beauty. But it’s one of my favourites, so I thought I’d show her in all her glory 😉 The structure of what is left of the blossom keeps fascinating me over and over again…

Hydrangea 1

It’s the Week of the Hydrangea, everyone! Well, on this blog it is 😉 Hydrangeas always work. Always always!