Sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 Entschuldigung, ich konnte nicht widerstehen 😉

Light on!

Looks like someone left the light on! Sieht aus, als hätte jemand das Licht angelassen!

For the colour-starved

Such as me! I really love winter. I do, no questions asked. But I really do love all the seasons. I am so happy to live some place with four seasons. So naturally I love spring too. And this winter was so wonderful, that I am now happy to welcome spring. Now that colour starts…

Calling Daisy!

They were not the first this season. We did have wintry times, however in between those periods it was very warm and wet so some flowers and buds have been there all along. I just wasn’t in the spring-mood, still in winter-mood, so I overlooked them. But now, here they are 😉 Diese Gänseblümchen waren…

Rule of Thirds / Drittel-Regel

I LOVE IT! Seriously, the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ‚Rule of Thirds‘ is just perfect for me this week. The text describes just the kind of photography I love most and ever since I started this blog, I tried to achieve such pictures as obey the Rule of Thirds. I hardly ever photograph without…