Falls of Rha, Isle of Skye


If you want to take this photo, beware! Rocks are slippery and you might just get your ancle cought under one. Believe me, I know.

Luckily I came out of it, once I calmed down. The Falls of Rha are on of those rather ’normal‘ spots on Skye. This is what happens when everything around you is just terribly beautiful. While such a spot would be a tourist magnet around here, on Skye it is one of those spots. Which doesn’t make it any less worth seeing it. They are very easy to find: ‚

To access the falls, cross the stile just right of the road bridge as you look upstream. This leads to a short but steep climb above the river, where care is needed. There is a big drop on the left of the path. Very soon you will reach a wooden stairway that eases the descent to the side of the river. The falls are visible from only a few metres further on. (The Skye Guide)

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