Harris Colours

Teal – at least to me – is THE Harris Colour. Maybe that is my fascination with the Isle, because Teal is one of my favourites. Whenever you see Harris photos or paintings, Teal has a vital role. This colour, more than any other, kind of represents the Isle of Harris. At least, subjectively, to me. So I am really glad that I managed to capture it myself.

As I told you before, I only had one day on Harris and it was raining all day long. Only when we were leaving the sky cleared a little. I am not saying that because I want to complain. No, it’s rather a question of how to get pictures in the rain with horizontal winds. Because that causes a lot of spray on the lense. This photo is not my all time record of repairs I had to make (no, that one is the photo I took of Mealt Falls / Kilt Rock) It weren’t that many, but enough. I guess I will need better water proof equipment in the future in order to protect camera and lense. Because, in all honesty, in the end, bad weather photos are so much more interesting…

This photo is a 30 second exposure. I love how that bridge still seems to be dancing on the waves…


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  1. Paleica sagt:

    es ist die kälteste farbe, die es gibt. aber ich mag sie manchmal auch sehr.


    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      Darüber hatte ich noch gar nicht nachgedacht. Ich liebe diese Farbe, aber ich hatte schon immer viel übrig für kühle Farben ❤

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      1. Paleica sagt:

        geht mir auch so 🙂

        Gefällt 1 Person

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