Portree by Night


There are pictures you have to take, even though they have been taken a thousand times before you. And will be taken a million times after you. The coloured house front in Portree on Skye is a motif, every photographer has to take at least once in his life. So here we are.

Of course, true to the fact that I just love time exposure and dark pictures, I had to take it by night. Also, to be totally truthful, the pictures by day never really spoke to me. They spoke to Shiobhan and I know that this one is important to her. But to me it was never anything too special. However, I quite liked it at night. It was a warm evening in August. Well, no, let me rephrase that: it was a warm spell after a very, very wet and windy day ;-). Whichever way it was, I liked the atmosphere, the boats on the water and the stars sparkling through a gap in the clouds.

Also, I really liked Portree. Especially in hindsight, it’s a place I would always like to go back to. I like that it has this busy center, where you can get just about everything you need, plus pubs and cafés and all. But it’s really small. You can very well spend an afternoon here, but you’re never overwhelmed. I’m already looking forward to coming back!


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