Nessie sighted!

Yes, this is real, guys! How do I know? I am the one who saw her! And I wasn’t alone. Ask Siobhan!

So, Nessie is real. Just take a look at the photo. And we now know the answer to the riddle why Nessie hasn’t been spottet for so long. You know, she was tired of all those tourists searching for her, so she decided to relocate to Loch Lomond! That’s all. She’s been hiding here. Only we had such wonderful breakfast and also Sammy had been treading on her while fetching his ball, so she came out to see what’s happening. So guys, stop looking for her. She’s not at Loch Ness anymore. And leave her alone. She’s old and wants to retire 😛 By the way, don’t you just like her hair? 😀


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