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It seems no one of you has climbed the steps of the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Or maybe you never noticed that you are cheered on as you proceed up the tower. Else you may have guessed from yesterday’s post that I have been to Edinburgh this last weekend.

Edinburgh. No, sorry, that’s not enough: E D I N B U R G H!!! You know, the one in S C O T L A N D! I know there are many travelers out there but I have not been around the world yet. Far from it, as a matter of fact. My parents didn’t travel anywhere where German was not spoken. As they got older they only ever went to places they already knew. So my destinations were rather limited growing up. Mostly Germany, Austria and Mallorca. Yeah :-/

After that I had some chances. I have been to Toronto for a month, for example. While studying I managed to go on excursion to Scandinavia, which was great – apart from the studying, but that’s another story 😉 That trip to Scandinavia is where A. and me became friends. And luckily still are. We were planning for a trip together for ages. Now it has happened!

Edinburgh is the captical of Scotland and Scotland is the captial of my very own Heartland 😉 And one of my goals for this year is to get to know my Heartland better, as maybe one day I might want to move there.

Also, this is my first ‚blogging‘-trip, i.e. the first trip I did with sharing the experience in mind. So over the next days and maybe even weeks that’s exactly what I’ll do. I brought home a number of pictures, wonderful experiences and some ideas. I can’t wait to post them all, but I’ll take my sweet time and expand the experience. So today we’ll only be arriving at


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