Another one by my Cell

Funny… Even though they have the same size, for some reason the pics from my cell are a lot sharper as a featured pic than the ones from my camera… I don’t get it…


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  1. Paleica sagt:

    tatsächlich seltsam… hach, diese farben und das licht!


    1. Melanie sagt:

      😀 Jaaaaa, wir haben grade wirklich Glück! Und ja, seltsam… 😦


  2. ninahagn sagt:

    Maybe the cell automatically optimizes the pictures for web-use?


    1. Melanie sagt:

      Thanks, Nina! mmmmmmh *thinking* I usually do that, too. I have tried to post pics web-optimized (or what I believe to be web-optimized) and originally, but they’re both not as sharp…. could it be an HD-thing….?

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      1. ninahagn sagt:

        Could be a thousand reasons, resolution, sharpening on the cell (don’t know if you sharpen your pics from the cam) which camera do you use?


      2. Melanie sagt:

        it’s a bridge camera, so that could be one reason… the panasonic dmc FZ200. I use RAW and have started using LR (not gotten too familiar with it though) and I sharpen the pics if necessary…


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