Pets, Lights and Candles (Daily Post Weekly Photo Challange: Warmth)

This challenge was a little tricky for me since I soooo love the cool ranges of colour. However I managed.

The first pictures that came to mind were the ones of my cat-man lying under the twinkling lights of the christmas tree which brought a great deal of warmth to my heart:


Then there is, of course, the very obvious response 😉


But my favourites are the following pictures. I love to wander the woods and stumble across these light catchers again and again. And where there is light, there is warmth 😉 Especially in the fall!

Other great pictures on the Daily Post Blog

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  1. Sehr schöne Lichtspielereien. Spannend was man mit Licht doch alles machen kann 😉

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Melanie sagt:

      Danke, danke! Licht ist eben doch ein größere Kraft, als wir oftmals glauben 😉


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